Zambiya, Kamyon yedek parçaları talebi

Zambiya, Kamyon yedek parçaları talebi

Zambiya merkezli yolcu ve yük taşıması yapan bir lojistik firması araçlarının tamir ve bakımlarında kullanılmak üzere oto elektrik aksamları, malzemeleri ithal etmek istemektedir.

*****, formally ***** was established in 1956 by *****, a pioneer in the transport industry in Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia). 

The company was involved in both goods and passenger transport.


With the infrastructure that is in place, ***** with its associate company,

*****, and its branches in Johannesburg and Beira,

is able to offer an attractive package of door to door transportation, forwarding and custom clearance,

ensuring efficiency, reliability and constant tracking of customer’s cargo through System Tracking (GPS).


We are looking for suppliers for starter motors, alternators, and relays and switches

Thank you

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