Yunanistan, Abajur rondelası ithal etmek istiyor

Yunanistan, Abajur rondelası ithal etmek istiyor

Abajurlardaki şapkayı gövdeye sabitlemekte kullanılan rondelaların temini konusunda tedarikçiler arayan Yunanistan merkezli firma, 20.000 ad. ve üzeri miktar için fiyat teklifi talep ediyor.

We are interested in ordering a significant amount of lampshade washers (20.000+ pieces).

The items we need consist of 3 unit sets with different diametres. More particulary , the units requested must have differentiated hedges ,

so anyone who supplies or manufactures would be suitable for our occasion.

Pictures and dimensions are provided and we are looking for equipment that shall be identical to the specifications provided.

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