Ürdün, Pastacılık malzemeleri ithal etmek istiyor

Ürdün, Pastacılık malzemeleri ithal etmek istiyor

Ürdün’den irtibata geçen bir firma unlu mamuller ve pastacılık endüstrisinde kullanılan hammaddelerin ithalatı konusunda çalıştıklarından bahisle şu an için şeker hamuru ve parlak pasta malzemeleri için fiyat teklifi talep etmiştir.


Pastry And Bakery Raw Materials Inquiry from Jordan

It's my pleasure to introduce our company (*****) , the sister company of ****Co. As a trade, Export- Import located in Jordan; actually we are interested to import bakery and pastry raw materials.

Our products are imported from different countries worldwide. They are also used by well-known food brands, as well as by pastry artisans and provide varied products to patisseries, hotels and restaurants with its widespread distribution channel.

In the upcoming years, the company has grown into a distributor of a full line of bakery & pastry ingredients. The products meet the highest standards.

Kindly note that we are interested in the following items In particular:
- Sugar paste
- Mirror Glazes
Kindly quote us your best price

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