Suudi Arabistan, Soğuk hava deposu talep ediyor

Suudi Arabistan, Soğuk hava deposu talep ediyor

Mısır’da meyve ve sebzeler için soğuk hava deposu kurarak işletmeyi planlayan bir firma, vermiş olduğu teknik detaylara göre fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.

Cold Storage for vegetable & fruits required in Saudi Arabia


We have land size 60 X 70 m in Egypt; the goods should be shipped throughout Alexandria seaport We need to build cold storage for vegetable & fruits.

The voltage is 220/380 the current 50/60 hertz.

The cold storage should have many rooms to accommodate 1500 tonnes of vegetable & fruits.

Notice: the quotation should be complete full details in order to submit to the consultant engineers office, that means: -

- Specifications of the walls paneling’s.

- Diagrams for distributing the cold rooms.

- Time of delivery.

- Total cost

- Terms of payment

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