Romanya, Hastane mobilyaları ve ekipmanları talebi

Romanya, Hastane mobilyaları ve ekipmanları talebi

Romanya’da faaliyete geçecek olan yeni bir hastane için çeşitli mobilya ve medikal ekipmanlar talep eden müşteri, listesini verdiği ürünler ilgili fiyat teklifleri talep etmektedir.


This is Niculae.

I represent a private *****  Hospital, located in Roumania, near Bucharest.

It is a new hospital. www.******.ro

I ask you for support for a global offer for medical equipment and furniture, to start this hospital.

Please make an offer with yours producer prices for:

Operating room

  • Operating table
  • Delivery Bed
  • Operating light (led,halogen)
  • Pendant for endoscopy , camera ,monitor
  • Electronic surgical unit
  • Endoscopy
  • Surgical microscope
  • Multifunction anethesia machine
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • suction unit


  • patient multiparameter monitor
  • ventilator
  • Defibrillator
  • syringe, Infusion pump


  • Ultraound scanner
  • Color doppler

Diagnostic equipments

  • ECG
  • ECG Holter
  • Treadmill Stress ECG Test System
  • EEG
  • EMG & EP System
  • Spirometer
  • Audiometer
  • Ophthalmoscope & Streak Retinoscope
  • Colposcope
  • Ophthalmic Equipments

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter with Ultrasound Scanner

C-arm  RX

Ward & hospital furniture  

  • Hospital beds & furniture
  • ABS Bedside Locker
  • Bedside Dining Table
  • Stainless Steel Examination Bed
  • Stainless Steel Stretcher Cart
  • Transfusion Chair
  • wheelchair
  • light examination lamp
  • stretcher
  • Multi-functional Ultrasonic Nebulizer
  • Hospital Washer & Dryer
  • Traction Bed


  • Steam , puls vacuum sterilizer-
  • And   group product of Medical Sterilization Packaging
  • Washer disinfector , Cart and trolley washers
  • Sterilization container

Endoscopy-  rigid and flexible for urology, orthopedics and celioscopie

Gastro  and colonoscope line

Physioteraphy, Kinetotherapy and Rehabilitation equipment

Clinical Laboratory

  •   Hematology Analyzer
  •   Electrolyte Analyzer
  •   Biochemistry Analyzer
  •   Hemoglobin meter
  •   Urine Chemistry Analyzer
  •   Biochemistry analyzer
  •   Centrifuge
  •   Hematology analyzer
  •   Microplate reader
  •   lab sterilizer
  •   Microscope
  •   Microplate washer
  •   Sample Concentration
  •   Thermal incubator
  •   Ultrasonic equipment

Thermostat medical fluide

Surgery chair

Dialysis chair

  • Medical consumables ,Curtains hospital, Bed linen
  • Laparoscopic Box Trainer

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