Romanya, Genleşme tankları talep ediyor

Romanya, Genleşme tankları talep ediyor

Romanya’da merkezli ısıtma ve tesisat ürünleri ithalatçısı bir firma Türk malı genleşme tankları ithal etmek istediklerini belirterek tedarikçiler aramaktadır.

Romania to import Expansion Tanks for plumbing from Turkey


Dear Madam, Sir,

We are an important player on the Romanian heating and plumbing market, dealing with IKA DIY and traditional distribution too. We are looking for a strong, reliable supplier with Made in Turkey expansion tanks, as a result of our customers' requests.

If you are inerested in a good, long term business relationship, please send me an email with your contact data and we will get imediately in touch.

Thank you,


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