Portekiz, Jet yakıt tankeri satın alacak

Portekiz, Jet yakıt tankeri  satın alacak

Portekiz’de araç üstü ekipmanlar ve özel tasarım araç imalatı yapmakta olan bir firma jet yakıtı naklinde kullanmak amacıyla pompa seti dahil yakıt tankeri ithal etmek istemektedir.


Jet Fuel Tank for Truck 6x4 required in Portugal

Dear sırs,

We ask offer for tank to transport and dıscharge jet and pump systems. To fıt on a truck 6x4

We design, manufacture, market and service, charge and discharge equipments:
Sideloaders for self loading containers on truck and trailers from 20´ to 48´.
Road tanks for transport of bulk powder materials - cement, cereals, alimentary products, animals food, sugar, granulated plastics and pvc.
Forestry and industrial hydraulic cranes. Designed in agreement with the dın 15018 standard.
Sspecial semi-trailers
Special hydraulic equipments like multi-lift, multi-containers, scrap presses.
All kind of transportation and hydraulic equipment service

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