Polonya, İzosiyanat ithal etmek istiyor

Polonya, İzosiyanat ithal etmek istiyor

Polonyalı bir firma, aylık 200 ton düzenli olarak poliüretan hammaddesi izosiyanat ithal etmek istediklerini beyan etmiştir.

Poland based company want to buy MDI/isocyanate chemical regularly


Dear Sir/ Madam,


We are looking for MDI/ isocyanate/ used in the production of PU rigid foam- equivalent of Desmodur 44V20L or Voranate 220.

Demand: Approx.20MT/ month.

Please, inform us kindly if you are in a position to supply us with such product.

Send your price idea together with term of payment and delivery time.


With best regards,

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