Makedonya, Otomotiv yapıştırıcıları ithal edecek

Makedonya, Otomotiv yapıştırıcıları ithal edecek

Makedonya’da endüstriyel sızdırmazlık ürünleri ve kimyasalları toptancısı firma, otomotiv camları yapıştırıcıları ve contalar için Türkiye’den tedarikçiler aramaktadır.


We are a company which exists in both Macedonian & Kosovo markets since 1997 providing industrial sealing devices/solutions/products to local industries as well as various chemical maintenance products, hand tools, various types of adhesives and many other ones.

We are very interested in working with a Turkish manufacturing company which produce automotive adhesives and sealants, primers for automotive windscreens (cartridges and sausages).

Furthermore construction/industrial adhesives & sealants.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance

Kind Regards

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