Lübnan, Diyet kahve ithal etmek istiyor

Lübnan, Diyet kahve ithal etmek istiyor

Lübnanlı kahve ithalatçısı bir toptancı, Türkiye’den diyet kahve ithal etmek istiyor.

We are a Lebanese commercial company with offices in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

We are interested in importing coffee from Turkey to Lebanon.

More specifically, we are interested in introducing the 'diet coffee' concept to the MENA region,

which consists of aspartame-sweetened coffee and non-fat creamer.

In case you are capable of creating this product so we would like to receive:

1) the minimum quantity that we have to order

2) the quotation for aspartame-sweetened coffee

3) the quotation for full fat creamer

4) the quotation for non-fat aspartame sweetened creamer


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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