Lübnan, Ambalaj makineleri satın alacak

Lübnan, Ambalaj makineleri satın alacak

Lübnan’dan irtibata geçen bir firma otel, restoran ve hava yollarındaki kullanımlara yönelik tek kullanımlık tuz, biber, ketçap, şampuan vb. ürünler için otomatik ambalaj makineleri satın almak istediklerini beyan etmiştir.

We are doing feasibility study on establishing a small sachets packing plant for packing salt, pepper, ketchup, vinegar, shampoo for hotels, restaurants and airlines.

We understand that you supply fully automated machines for such operation.

Can you please provide us with all the machines which are needed for granules, powder and liquid fillers.

Together with estimated prices and specifications and wither or not you provide training for our technicians and operators

Thank you

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