İsrail, Tren rayları satın alacak

İsrail, Tren rayları satın alacak

İsrailli bir firma 2 farklı tipte tren rayı toplamda 254 km satın almak istediklerini belirterek teklif alabilecekleri Türk üreticiler aramaktadır.


Rail Sections 253 km long importing to Israel

We are currently looking for a manufacturer that could provide us:

• Rail Section for flat bottom (Tee) rail: 54E1 (UIC54): 71km (one rail)
• Rail Section for grooved rail: 59R2 (Ri59R13): 56km (one rail)
Please take into consideration the following requirements:
• Distance of rail /1pc: 25m/1pc
• Quality of rails: EN 13674 (flat bottom rail) or EN 14811 (grooved rail).
The project is extremely time sensitive
Please let us know if your company is:
• Capable to provide this equipment,
• Provided similar equipment to European clients and if yes,
o Please provide technical data sheets and
o Please provide a budgetary proposal for it.

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