İngiltere, Helal belgeli tatlılar ithal edecek

İngiltere, Helal belgeli tatlılar ithal edecek

İngiltere’de mukim büyük bir toptancı firma, helal sertifikalı tatlı ve şekerleme çeşitleri konusunda düzenli çalışabileceği Türk tedarikçiler aramaktadır.

Halal Candy and Sweets to export from Turkey to UK


We are a large distributer in the UK circa 200m euro sales per year. 

We have a lot of routes into the major supermarkets and high street resellers

***** PLC is a leading UK business operating globally combining recycling, logistics and fulfilment in the mobile products sector.

The company is an evolution of two separate entities, which have been brought together to form one highly specialised product solutions provider.


We are looking at producing a range of sweets that we can have manufactured and be halal certified.

If you can I would like to come to see you facility early next week if possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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