İngiltere, Fason plaj havlusu ürettirmek istiyor

İngiltere, Fason plaj havlusu ürettirmek istiyor

İngiliz bir müşteri yeni başladığı plaj havlusu ticareti için kendi logosu basılı, pamuklu, kaliteli plaj havluları ürettirebileceği Türk tedarikçiler aradığını beyan etmiştir.

I am a startup business and want to produce a beach towel with my company logo

(we are still not sure what technique we want to use to incorporate logo on the towel).

I wanted some more information about prices: for sampling and production.

Also if you could kindly let us know what are the MOQ and production time.

We want a high-quality beach towel, we were thinking of 100% cotton and a GSM of 400.

These are just the initial thoughts and we would want your recommendation for this.

I have copied my business partner on this email.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards, 

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