Güney Afrika, Soğutucu kompresör parçaları talebi

Güney Afrika, Soğutucu kompresör parçaları talebi

Güney Afrika’da soğutma sistemleri montajı ve yedek parçaları satışı yapmakta olan bir firma, Türkiye’den soğutucu kompresörleri için piston, segman, pin ve biyel kolu gibi parçalar ithal etmek istediklerini belirterek tedarikçiler aramaktadır.

To whom it may concern,

My company **** Refrigeration in Cape Town South Africa re-manufactures refrigeration compressors and sells spares relating to all most and models.

I am interested in your refrigeration compressor pistons, piston rings, pins and Conrods for:

BITZER, All models

COPELAND, All models

CARRIER, All models

FRASCOLD, All models

GRASSO, All Models

MYCOM, All Models



DAIKIN etc..

Please let me know if you can supply other parts for these compressors.

Can you supply me with:

  1. sample prices of as many variations as possible
  2. MOQ
  3. Sample packaging pictures
  4. Your Quality standards, ratings etc.
  5. Sample sizing etc
  6. Any additional information you may have


If acceptable I would like to purchase samples for a variety of parts


I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

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