Belçika, Depolama aküleri satın alacak

Belçika, Depolama aküleri satın alacak

Belçika’da elektrik enerjisi depolama hizmetleri veren bir şirket, ihtiyaç duydukları bataryaların temini konusunda Türkiye’den tedarikçiler aramaktadır.

Dear ,

We are energy storage company.

(own factories in poland and india)

We invented a new chp-solution (patent applied)for which we need enclosed batterypacks.

(We call it Schp system (SuperChp) , as we reach Cop/EER from 1 - 15 )

We are manufacturer of generators and chp systems,and related products (not batteries).

Can you pls send us offer for storage batteries, with following;

a/ weight is NOT  important  (is for home and factory use, for storing electric power).

b/ our only evaluation metod is the price kWh , for storage over the whole lifetime of the batteries.

c/ our calculation: if price is 100 usd ; we calculate: V x Ah x dod (example:75%) x cycles (at this 75%) x roundabout eff. ; and than 1 kwh storage price = 100 eur / formula = ? kWh price.

d/ Our most sold configuration : 10 kW .(but we need capacities from 5 to 200 kW.(our core market).. (10 kW: 1000 pieces/year)

e/ Also the cycles , must not be more than max 3000, as we sell to our customers systems,

(our normal proposed number of cycles are 300 /year x 6 year = 1800 cycles

which can be used for approx 5 - 6 years, and we tell them , that in that time (+5 years), there will be battery-storage systems available , who will be much cheaper than today.

f/ Invoicing can be to our belgium, holland or poland company, to agree in future.

Pls send us full data and pricing.

Nice greetings, 

Talebi Göster →