Arnavutluk, Su sayaç kutuları ithal edecek

Arnavutluk, Su sayaç kutuları ithal edecek

Arnavutluk merkezli bir mühendislik ve müteahhitlik şirketi, kompozit plastik su sayaç kutuları ithal etmek istediklerini belirterek fiyat teklifleri talep etmektedir.

Plastic Water Meter Boxes to export from Turkey to Albania



I am  Ardita *****, Engineer of **** company located in Tirana /Albania

Here below a short presentation of our company.

Mr. Mentor **** is director of the company **** Sh.p.k in

Tirana - Albania and company **** in Prishtina - Kosovo.

Our company is authorized of several water supply product manufacturers

for Albania and Kosovo, like:

  1. FRIATEC AG - German manufacturer of PE / EF fittings;
  2. ALIAXIS group - Utilities and Industry;
  3. FRISCHHUT -German Manufacturer of DCI Fittings  ,ect.

We are working in some projects here in Albania and Kosovo.


We were interested in composite, plastic water meter boxes.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best.

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