Arnavutluk, Patlayıcı ürünler ithal etmek istiyor

Arnavutluk, Patlayıcı ürünler ithal etmek istiyor

Arnavutluk’ta uzun süredir patlayıcı ürünlerin izin lisanslı olarak ithalatını ve toptancılığını yapmakta olan bir firma Türkiye’den patlayıcı malzemeler ile buna bağlı tüm diğer ürünlerin ithal etmek istediğini, bayilik alabileceği tedarikçiler aradığını beyan etmiştir.

We are "*****" company,  that operate in Albanian market for trading explosives in

several years. Our company owns a number of licenses for the use of their allowance.

We are looking for a very successful company that offer high quality of products in the European

Explosives market, what we are interested.


You have had relations with the Albanian market and if you are interested in

cooperation we are willing to operate together offering us explosives.

Our projects are very ambitious and with very strong support.

For this reason we also need ambitious and powerful associates such as your



We hope you will evaluate this email bilateral cooperation taking us back a reply

email for a possible meeting between the parties.

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