Amerikalı firma çörek otu yağı ithal edecek

Amerikalı firma çörek otu yağı ithal edecek

Amerika’dan irtibata geçen doğal gıda ürünleri satıcısı bir firma yetkilisi organik saf çörekotu yağı 250ml şişede ithal etmek istediğini beyan etmiştir.


Organic Black Seed Oil buying RFQ from USA



I am looking for a Black Seed Oil manufacturer.

We are looking from "Mild" Tasting oil.

*USDA include annex (essential)

*FDA registration (essential)

*Kosher certifacate (not essential)

*Non GMO statement

*organic black seed oil COA- including all the component break down.  ie, Linoleic acid (LA)ect...

-The oil must be cold pressed, virgin organic, unrefined, unfiltered.

-We require 8oz or 250ml amber bottles with leak proof lids (twist top) and leak proof stopper, BPA Free plastic bottle or glass


***** as the name depicts, concentrate on sourcing the purest nutrients with the least amount of altering, that are all derived from nature, or as their motto “Sourced from Nature”. Heading to the origin of the produce to provide people with the purest and most potent products:

nothing added

no chemicals

no binders

no fillers

with minimal processing

To retain the most potent nutrients from nature. In doing so, getting the most out of each product.

We believe that what we consume and what we use is so important, we created a brand to circle around all things natural.

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